Ken Harker

I am a web performance expert, helping my customers distill complex performance data into actionable business intelligence. I have a special focus on the mobile web, and in 2014 joined the Web Performance team at SOASTA to help grow and expand the real user measurement business. I thrive in tasks that derive clarity from complexity. I live and work in Austin, Texas.

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Real User Measurements

I am a member of the professional services team at SOASTA, focusing on real user measurements. I analyze the performance and business effectiveness of web sites, mobile web sites, and mobile apps for major enterprises. I specialize in transforming technical performance data into actionable business intelligence.

Synthetic Measurements

Prior to SOASTA, my web performance consulting for customers used synthetic user test measurements at Keynote. I worked with enterprise customers in North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. I have been an invited guest speaker at major conferences and webinars related to web and mobile site performance, including the Yankee Group, O'Reilly Velocity, and Internet Retailer conferences.

IP Geolocation

At Matrix NetSystems, Inc., I created software to determine the geographic location of Internet host nodes worldwide, becoming one of the world's experts in the field of IP localization.

Amateur Radio Direction Finding

I have been a federally licensed amateur radio operator since 1993. I was Chairman of the 2008 United States Amateur Radio Direction Finding Championships, served as an International Juror at the 14th World ARDF Championships in Korea in 2008, and competed for Team USA at the 15th World ARDF Championships in Croatia in 2010 and the 17th World ARDF Championships in Kazakhstan in 2014.


Orienteering is a fun, outdoor map-and-compass sport. I have been competing in orienteering and radio orienteering meets for over 15 years. I am a member of Orienteering USA (OUSA) and the Austin Orienteering Club (AOC). I have enjoyed orienteering in the US, Canada, and New Zealand.

Last Updated 31 January 2015